​Watch the 5 minute video below, regarding the PerioProtect System for non-surgical reduction of Periodontal Disease (gumline disease / pockets) and for the reduction ofBacteria which are involved in the Oral-Systemic Link.
Dr. Gordon has been using this system since it became available and teaches this procedure to dentists nationwide.​

Please be aware that national scientific studies have shown that over 90% of the Adult population (age 35 - 44 --which is "young" to be considered to have Periodontal Disease) have some form of gum disease, and the percentage is even higher for older age groups! 

Telephone: (312) 750-9000  

There is new and important information regarding the "ORAL - SYSTEMIC LINK".
This is the link between systemic disease (Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Condition, Stroke, Kidney Disease, etc) and oral bacteria which enter the bloodstream via swollen, bleeding gums and then invade remote parts of the body.

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