Mercury - Free & Mercury - Safe !

Dentistry at Millennium Park, Chicago  -- WE are about as "GREEN" (Environmentally Conscious) a dental office as you can possibly get.  We have always been concerned for the environment and we were "GREEN", before it was popular.  

We have been Environmentally Conscious for so many years, well before the new "green" dental offices were even built!  

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​​​We are proud to receive the following honors:

Invisalign Certified - Aligntech Institute

Velscope -- Oral Soft-Tissue Lesion Evaluation
FastBraces Certified -- FastBraces University
Certificate of CMU3 Certification from The Florida Ozone Institute (Level 1 Training Certification)
PerioProtect Method Certified Dental Office 
Arestin Certified Dental Office
Lumineer Certified Dental Office
Oral CDx Certified Dental Office
Scientific Intake Certified Dental Office
Member, in good standing, of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry
Member, in good standing, of the American Dental Association
Member, in good standing, of the Chicago Dental Society
Member, in good standing, of the Illinois State Dental Society
2008 Member of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago

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Dentistry at Millennium Park, Chicago
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We stopped placing Silver Amalgam (Mercury containing) fillings back in 1980, way before most dental offices.  In 1981, we computerized our dental office (also before most dental practices).  Now you may ask how does a computer make an office "GREEN"?  By utilizing computer technology, we were able to reduce our paper consumption.  Today, we are one of the few dental offices that has computer systems which are significantly more advanced allowing us to be considered "Chartless" (we have no physical patient record, it is all computer based) and therefore our paper consumption is about 97% less than the typical dental office.

We submit dental insurance claims electronically, through the internet (via a HIPAA compliant portal), without any paper being used and we can attach digital radiographs (x-rays) and digital photographs to the file thereby reducing the need to produce a radiograph or photograph hard copy.  This electronic claim is also processed much faster for patient reimbursement.

We incorporated Digital Radiography (x-ray) very early on and this technology helps the environment because it allows us to take x-rays via a computer and without the use of any Chemicals (which are necessary to develop and process fiim-based radiographs).  We have the ability to email the radiographs to specialists so that no paper is used.

We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and toner cartridges and we use recycled goods whenever available.

When many dental offices use Chemical Sterilizers, we have always (since the 1950's) used Steam Autoclaves (which produce safe steam (water vapor) as a by product).  We have never used Gluteraldehyde (a formaldehyde based antibacterial agent) for surface disinfection, as we did not like the side effects of this caustic chemical.  Instead, we used non-toxic, safer solutions.


When I built this office in 2005, I purposely set out to utilize the best and newest technology for every aspect of my dental treatment.

One of the great items I had installed is a 5 Stage High Quality Water Filtration system for use in our dental treatment and for use in our Sterilizer. 

We are proud of the fact that we have been dispensing Highly Filtered Water to our patients for over 10 years and continue to upgrade with the most current filter cartridges available. 

This is another way that shows how we care for you, our valued patients.

When our office was recently built, we used renewable resources and designed the office to use energy star efficient devices and computer equipment.  Our Dental Cabinetry is constructed with recycled materials.  We have low water usage dental equipment, purify our own water with an advanced water multi-level filtration system and use compact fluorescent light bulbs for our primary lighting.

Although it is not a law or any requirement, I installed a Mercury Amalgam separating system.  This device separates the harmful mercury from waste water that goes into the Chicago sewer system.  When the device is full, we send the container to a recycling facility which safely discards the Mercury.  It has been estimated that a majority of the toxic Mercury found in Lakes, Rivers and Streams is from dental origin.  By installing and using this separating device, we do our part to minimize this pollution problem.

We are friendly and welcome you to come in for a tour anytime.