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Mercury-Free Dentistry

Biocompatible Dentistry:

Mercury-Safe / Mercury-Free Dentistry Since 1980
Our practice is dedicated to optimal patient health, including minimizing your exposure to mercury. Dr. Gordon has not placed a Silver Amalgam (Mercury-containing filling material) -- SINCE 1980!  We employ advanced techniques and technology to protect patients from exposure to mercury vapor (when removing old silver amalgam fillings) so as to make their experience as mercury safe as possible.

  • Our restorations are tooth-colored porcelain, zirconia, composite or porcelain high noble metal crowns.
  • We protect you from exposure to mercury vapors during the removal of mercury-amalgam fillings.
  • We remove up to 99% of mercury from the wastewater leaving our office (We have an Amalgam Separator), which means less potential for environmental contamination of Lake Michigan.

We are proud to receive the following honors:​

Invisalign Certified - Aligntech Institute (Orthodontics without Braces)

Velscope Certified -- Oral Soft-Tissue Lesion Evaluation
FastBraces Certified -- FastBraces University
Certificate of CMU3 Certification from The Florida Ozone Institute (Level 1 Training Certification)
PerioProtect Method Certified Dental Office  (For Non-Surgical Periodontal Gum Disease treatment)
Arestin Certified Dental Office (For Periodontal Gum Disease)
Lumineer Certified Dental Office (for Esthetic Laminate Veneers)
Oral CDx Certified Dental Office (for Oral Cancer Evaluation)
Scientific Intake Certified Dental Office (for Weight Reduction)
Member, in good standing, of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry
Member, in good standing, of the American Dental Association
Member, in good standing, of the Chicago Dental Society
Member, in good standing, of the Illinois State Dental Society
2008 Member of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago

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Dental Ozone is the latest in Minimally Invasive Dentistry (actually non-invasive). 

Ozone is a molecule of 3 oxygen atoms.  It is a powerful antibacterial agent and therefore works well in dentistry, since most dental disease has a bacterial component (both decay and gum disease).

Ozone is safe and effective in the reduction of bacteria from tooth surfaces or around the gum line.  Ozone is significantly better and more effective than chlorine based disinfectants and has the beauty of breakdown into oxygen instead of caustic or harmful substances.

Commerce and industry has used ozone for quite a long time.  Most bottled water manufacturers use Ozone as the final step in their purification process (Dasani from CocaCola and Aquafina from PepsiCo). 

Currently, Dentists use Dental Ozone in Europe, South Africa, Asia and Canada.  It has NOT been FDA  approved for Dental use in the United States, however, please be aware that often, routine dental procedures are not FDA approved.

Ozone may be used in various dental treatments and has been shown to be effective in minimally invasive dental procedures to assist in the reduction of tooth sensitivity, gum line pockets, gum line irritation, halitosis (bad breath) and has been shown to assist in the reversal of the decay process in shallow, initial cavities (without the need for anesthetic, drilling or filling).  In the many years of Ozone usage for Dental or Medical procedures, there has never been a reported adverse effect.

Dental Ozone, like any dental or medical procedure, is not 100% effective.  The success of any dental treatment is often dependent upon a variety of factors which may or may not be in anyone's control.  These factors may include, but are not limited to: duration of the existing problem, severity of the problem, health status of the patient and healing ability of the patient.

In cases where ozone is not effective or if the patient chooses not to have ozone therapy, other dental treatment may be performed or may be necessary.  This "other" treatment, is usually at a higher cost and may be performed by Dr. Stephen J. Gordon or by a Dental Specialist.  These types of treatments include, but are not limited to: larger and or deeper fillings, crowns or caps, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, oral or periodontal gum surgery.

We feel that Dental Ozone is a useful adjunct to our Minimally Invasive, Conservation Dentistry, and therefore provide a guarantee to our patients.  For any adult (permanent) tooth or problem that has been treated with Dental Ozone, if the usage does not yield improvement, we will gladly refund the money paid towards the ozone treatment to be applied as a credit on the patient's office account.  This guarantee is for any problem diagnosed within 6 months of the Dental Ozone treatment.  The credit then may be used for any purpose.

Be sure to go to the Downloadable Forms section to download an:
 Informed Consent Document for the Use of Ozone Treatment for Your Dental Care.